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Our Clubhouse
Our Clubhouse was built in the 1920’s. It was bought from the owner in August of 1955 when our Club was formed.

This fine old home lent itself to instant conversion as a Club. The waterfront could easily be improved. The Royal Palms bordered the driveway, the tennis courts, swimming pool, aviary and the beautiful gardens and shrubbery seemed ideally suited to the prestigious character of the newly formed yacht club.

It soon became apparent that additional grounds for dry storage of small boats would be needed. A fifty foot strip of property, reaching from Bayshore Drive to the Bay, was acquired. It already had a dredged and bulkheaded slip, and this made immediate dock facilities available. This old residence was remodeled with a greatly enlarged dining room and kitchen facility. The garage was rebuilt as a bar and lounge on the lower level, and the upstairs was converted to card and committee rooms, with a suite reserved at one end for the living quarters for the manager and his wife. As the grounds were improved, the tennis courts and the aviary were eliminated in favor of parking spaces and driveways.

All the atmosphere of a small, eminent club was evident when the doors opened for the first formal reception and house warming on May 11, 1956.Upon entering the Clubhouse through the front doorway, one can see original decorations, called Armorials, looking over the front door.